Convincing Power

     The words were spoken by my Instructor: “The influence to be constantly going out, is that which is created by the light shining forth with clear, convincing power from every soul who claims to believe the truth. The Lord would have you exalt the truth in language, in faith, in practice. Those who are connected with you are in no wise to be permitted to become deficient in tenderness, in mercy, in refinement of speech. The heart is ever to be obedient unto God. Cling to your heavenly Helper.". . .   

     Many are now perishing for want of knowledge. Shall we not give mind and soul and voice to proclaiming the truth as it is in Christ Jesus? To every worker I would say, Show to unbelievers that there is strength in God. Communicate your ideas in regard to what is required, by the words of warning, “Prepare to meet thy God!” Sow the seeds of truth by all waters. Wake up the watchmen, and, with them, bear the message in words of power. “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.” The increase of your own experience will be proportionate to your individual trust and confidence in God.   

     There are many, many to be converted through the instrumentality of men who will be taken from the plow and from the common vocations of life to engage in the great, grand work of giving soul-saving truth to the people.   

     There are all classes to be reached.

HFM 81